How would you design a Product X ? : An 8-Part Framework for Product Design


How would you design a Product X? It seems a very simple yet a very complicated question. Having asked that question either you might feel blank with no ideas or there is such a heavy flow of ideas like the Hoover Dam just broke in your head. Unfortunately, it is not great to be in any of these positions. In my opinion and experience, it is almost impossible to structurally think about this challenging question in real-life projects without a guiding framework of thought.
Of-course a lot of quality analysis comes with experience and formally learning about product design/management and there is no substitute for that.

Thankfully I have had the wonderful opportunity to do a both of the above in my career. Having had some experience, success, failure, lessons learnt, readings I could organize this whirlpool of ideas in a comprehensive 8-part framework. There are many product design frameworks out there recommended by many gurus of product management. Of-course my ideas are totally inspired from the much available product management guidelines out there. It would be incorrect to say that one is right or the other is wrong, or one is better over the other. Rather a better way to think about is – Which one fits my context ? The objective of this blog is to provide a comprehensive 8-Part framework that helps you think and analyze product development. It helps to ask the What, Why and How questions to ensure that your ideas are directed toward building the“right” product. It is extremely important to avoid jumping to the solution space instantly but rather discovering the problem space in detail first in-order to build the “right” product. The 8-Part Framework is described below:



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